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Does anyone who wants The Sims 4 have an Around the Sims 3 account?

My dash is just Sims 4 at this point.

I miss Sims 3 posts…

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I'd love to download your Madeline Moore ^^

Sure! I didn’t realize I had removed the post, so sorry about that! 

Base Game | With CC

The Sims 4: Fixing "Blurry" or "Grainy" Looking Sims


Thanks to pixelswirl for the heads up!

Socks Does a Tutorial: Tattoos!



Right oh! A lovely anon asked for a tattoo tut and since I have some images I wanted to turn into tattoos I figured I’d go through it with you step by step!

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Well I was hoping to have a surprise for y’all,

But as usual my game is being a dick.